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Why quit smoking cigarettes or tobacco products?

Why Quit Smoking?

Before you try, it's important to think about why you want to quit smoking.

Here are some points about motivation:

Motivation is what drives you to do something.

For example, feeling tired causes you to go to bed.  Hunger can make you cook a meal. Have you ever felt out of breath going up stairs? Wanting to breathe better is an example of motivation to quit smoking. 

Motivation can come and go.

Does this sound familiar: "I want to quit, but cigarettes help me deal with stress?" It's normal to have mixed feelings about quitting. This is why you need to keep reminding yourself why you're quitting.

Can you do it?  Check your motivation.

Can you quit smoking? Yes, you can. Everyone has the ability to quit.

Imagine this:

Someone offers you a million dollars to quit smoking. What would you do?  Most people would quit and take the money. This shows that quitting is really about motivation, not ability. Your own reason to quit, if strong and specific, can motivate you in the same way.

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