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Taking Control When People Smoke Around You

When People Smoke Around You

When you quit, being around others who are smoking can be a big trigger.  This is even harder if they're people you used to smoke with.  Seeing them smoke, finding their packs lying around, being offered a cigarette- these things can trip you up.  But having a plan will help you get through these situations without smoking. Here are some ideas:

Have something for your hands and mouth to do.

Chew on something - gum, a toothpick, or a straw. Drink water. Fiddle with something. Do what the nonsmokers are doing. If you need more ideas, see the dealing with smoking triggers page.

Avoid smokers.

Stay away from smokers whenever possible, mostly for the first few weeks.

Think about success.

If you know you have to be where others are smoking, think of what to do ahead of time. Picture yourself doing the things that nonsmokers will be doing there.

Ask for help.

Ask your family and friends not to smoke around you, not to leave their cigarettes out, and not to give you any, even if you ask.

Create a smoke-free zone.

If you live with smokers, make smoking off-limits inside the home. If that's not possible, create at least one smoke-free area for yourself.

Remind yourself why you're quitting.

Tell others. Say it over and over in your head. Carry a reminder with you  -a note, a picture, or something else that will help you stay motivated.

Assert yourself.

Stand by your decision not to smoke, and don't let others try to change your mind. Say "No" like you mean it.

Walk away.

If you get caught in a place with smokers and find yourself wanting a cigarette, go outside or to another room until the urge passes. 

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