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6 out of 7 smokers trying to quit relapse

What You Won't Read Anywhere Else

Even when smokers get the best help to quit smoking, six out of seven tries end in relapse.

  • Not many people know this fact, and those who do don’t say much about it. 
  • Nobody wants to squash the hopes of smokers- or of helpers.
  • The truth is that most smokers have to try many times before they can quit for good.
  • The good news is that every smoker who tries enough times will become a nonsmoker. 
  • It’s a matter of not giving up. 
  • That’s why your support is so important.

You are giving a wonderful gift by helping.  As you offer support keep these 4 points in mind:

1. Quitting is hard.

Even with the best help, relapse happens a lot.

2. Relapse is normal.

Going back to smoking is part of learning about how to quit.  It is not a sign of weakness.  And it doesn’t mean your friend or family member can’t do it.  They can.

3. Smokers should keep trying.

The average smoker will have to try many times before quitting for good.  Be careful not to nag.  Instead always look for a chance to say, “Keep trying. You can do it.”

4. The more tries the better.

When a smoker keeps trying, it’s just a matter of time.  He or she will succeed.

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