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Staying in Control - Top 3 Long Term Smoking Triggers

Top 3 Smoking Triggers Over Time

This section looks at what you need to know for the long term.  It will help you stay smoke-free for good.

After you've quit for a couple of weeks, you may start to feel more confident about being able to stay quit. This is a good thing-it means that your planning and hard work are paying off. You're well on your way to becoming a nonsmoker for good.

But it doesn't mean that all the tests are behind you. Whether you've quit for a day, a month, or a year, certain trigger situations may keep coming up. Your best defense is to plan ahead for how you'll handle them. Here are the three triggers that give people the most trouble over the long term:

1. Being around smokers

Seeing others smoke, smelling it, being offered a cigarette, or just finding cigarettes lying around. Click here for strategies.

2. Alcohol use

Using alcohol, especially in the presence of smokers.  Click here for strategies.

3. Highly emotional situations

These situations often catch people by surprise.  Click here for strategies.

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