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Tobacco Users

Tobacco Users

Quitting smoking can be hard. But you can do it. Whether you are just thinking about quitting or are ready to go for it, the information in the Tobacco Users section will help you reach your goal.

For a Quick Start

Getting Ready to Quit

Planning to Quit

Taking Control

Staying in Control

  • Click Staying in Control to make sure you are ready for the top 3 triggers over time.
  • Learn about keeping weight in check while quitting in the Weight Gain section.
  • Understand the difference between Slips and Relapses.
  • Keep Trying. It usually takes many tries before someone quits for good.
  • Think of yourself as a nonsmoker. In the A Nonsmoker for Life section you will see just how to do this.
  • Consider a few Final Thoughts as you start your life as a nonsmoker.

Yes, quitting smoking can be hard. But you can do it. Congratulations on taking this step!

Free Smokers' Helpline Services
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