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How to Quit Smoking

6 Common Questions about Quitting Smoking

What do you need to know about quitting smoking?  Here are some things to help you get started.

Common questions about quitting smoking.

The last time I tried to quit smoking, I failed.  How do I keep trying if I keep failing?

Most people try a number of times before they quit for good.  So it’s important to keep trying.  Every quit attempt is a success, no matter how long it lasts.  What worked and what didn’t work?  There’s a lot to learn from each time you try.  Keep in mind that you never fail unless you stop trying.

Should I use the patches or some other quitting aid?

Quitting aids do help people quit.  The most common ones are nicotine patches, gum & lozenges.  Some people also use medication like Zyban® and Chantix®.  And some people still quit cold turkey, without any quitting aids.  In any case, it’s a personal choice.  Your doctor can help you decide too.  For more information about quitting aids click here.

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Will cutting down help me to quit?

It could help, as long as you plan to quit totally.  Cutting down may be a good way to practice quitting and to feel more confident.  If you want to quit for good though, set a quit date and stick to it.

What about electronic cigarettes?

At this time, they are not approved as a quitting aid.  But some smokers say that e-cigarettes have helped them quit.  More research is needed to show if e-cigarettes are safe and effective.

How will I feel when I quit?

Quitting smoking can feel a little different for each person.  But here are some things you may notice:

. A hard time being around smokers
. Good days and bad days
. Withdrawal symptoms, such as being annoyed
. Breathing easier
. Things that challenge your motivation to keep going
. Cravings that are strong at first, but weaker with time
. A growing sense of success

How do I get started?

Congratulations for asking this question! You may want to click through this whole section to get an idea. Here's a quick look at some of the most important pages to read:

Find your reason to quit. 

Consider using a quitting aid.

List your triggers to smoke and plan how you'll deal with them.  

Choose a Quit Day, and quit on that day.

Get started today! Click here to find out if you qualify for free nicotine patches by speaking with a quit coach.

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