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    Online Trainings

    Each course below includes a free recorded webinar, and most include the PowerPoint slides and patient materials. No CE credits are offered for these courses.

     Smoking Cessation

    Microphone-Icon.gif Smoking, Vaping, & COVID-19: What We Know After a Long Year

    Microphone-Icon.gif Smoking, Vaping & Secondhand Exposure

    Microphone-Icon.gif Tobacco Dependence Treatment & Behavioral Health

    Microphone-Icon.gif Gambling and Smoking

    Microphone-Icon.gif Cessation is Prevention: Health Behaviors and Risk Factors Among American Indians and Alaska Natives

    Microphone-Icon.gif Making MIQS Matter: Learn How Incentives Can Motivate Smokers to Quit

    Microphone-Icon.gif 3 New Tools to Help Your Patients Quit

    Microphone-Icon.gif Help Patients Quit with e-Referral to the California Smokers' Helpline

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Tobacco Use and Rural Populations

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Tobacco Use and Oral Health

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Smoking, Nicotine, and the Brain

    Microphone-Icon.gif  How to Start and Maintain a Smoking Cessation Group

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Top Tips for Motivating Patients to Quit Smoking

    Microphone-Icon.gif  What Works? Evidence-Based Tobacco Treatments

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Pharmacotherapy 101

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Child Healthcare Providers Helping Family Members Quit Tobacco

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Smoking and Substance Use Disorders

    Smoking and Youth

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Youth and Tobacco

    Microphone-Icon.gif  The California Smokers' Helpline: Teen Cessation

    Other Tobacco Products

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Two and a half years; has the sheen worn off marijuana legalization?

    Microphone-Icon.gif  New and Emerging Tobacco Products: An Ever-Changing Market

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Smokeless Tobacco

    Smoking and Chronic Disease

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Tobacco Use and COPD

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Smoking and Diabetes: What's the Connection?

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Tobacco Cessation in Cancer Prevention and Treatment: A Call to Action for California Cancer Centers

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Tobacco and Chronic Disease

    Helpline Services

    Microphone-Icon.gif Special Services for Special People

    Microphone-Icon.gif  How the California Smokers' Helpline Revolutionized Cessation Services

    Microphone-Icon.gif  Tips from the Field for Effectively Utilizing the Helpline Web-Based Referral Service
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