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JUUL and Suorin

JUUL and Suorin are electronic devices.

  • When you puff on them, a battery turns on and heats e-liquid that often has nicotine.
  • This turns into an aerosol (not just a vapor) that looks like smoke.


  • JUUL looks like a USB drive.
  • Pods attach to the device and hold e-liquid.
    • This liquid has nicotine salts that give stronger hits than e-liquid without salts.
    • It also has things like propylene glycol and flavorings.
    • Some flavors are tobacco, mint, and fruit
    • The pods are thrown away when empty.
  • JUUL costs $34.99 and a pack of four pods costs $20.99.


  • Suorin is a family of devices:
    • Suorin Air - size of a thick credit card
    • Suorin Drop - flat teardrop shape
    • Suorin iShare - looks like a USB drive with an on-the-go charger
    • Suorin Vagon - curved body with a holster clip
    • Suorin Edge – looks like a USB drive and comes with extra battery
  • All devices use pods that hold e-liquid.
    • They can be refilled with any e-liquid, even the salt-based ones.
    • There are many flavors, like grape and apple.
  • Suorin devices cost $19.99-59.99.

Youth Use

Many youth use JUUL or Suorin. It is easy for them to get hooked.12

  • One JUUL pod has the same level of nicotine as 200 cigarette puffs (a pack of cigarettes) but:
    • Many youth take big puffs and breathe in deep.
    • They finish pods faster than 200 puffs.
  • Youth get a lot of nicotine from these devices.
    • The salt e-liquids give a strong dose of nicotine with each puff.
  • Nicotine can cause:3
    • Heart rate and blood pressure to go up
    • Blood vessels to get narrow
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