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    The Center for Tobacco Cessation

    Need help to improve tobacco cessation in your area? The Center for Tobacco Cessation (CTC) is the training and technical assistance affiliate of the California Smokers’ Helpline. CTC helps organizations throughout California to increase their capacity in tobacco cessation.

    The Center can help answer questions such as how to structure a comprehensive, evidence based tobacco cessation benefit in insurance plans, or how to support cessation in the behavioral health population. CTC offers free in-depth trainings for cessation facilitators and free webinars on topics ranging from the basics of tobacco cessation, to pharmacotherapy, to treatment considerations for special populations, and more.

    Check out our online trainings

    Visit our online training page to view our schedule of upcoming webinars, and our archive of free recorded webinars and online trainings, including the topics listed below. Free continuing education is available for some trainings.

    • Smoking Cessation and Depression
    • New and Emerging Tobacco Products
    • Smoking and Diabetes
    • Kids and Smoke Don’t Mix: An Online Training for Child Care Providers and Preschool Teachers

    Request a customized training for your group

    CTC staff can put together a training tailored to the particular needs of your organization, coalition, or other group. Click here to submit a request.

    Following are some past trainings CTC has done:

    • Behavioral Health and Tobacco Cessation
    • Tobacco Dependence Treatment and Referral
    • Treating Tobacco Dependence Among Pregnant Women and Parents with Children 0 to 5

    Request technical assistance

    CTC offers phone and email consultation in areas such as:

    • Developing a comprehensive cessation strategy
    • Promotional approaches to increasing cessation
    • Tobacco cessation in special populations
    • Employer-supported cessation
    • Managed care and tobacco cessation
    • Policy approaches to increasing cessation
    • Helping your patients quit smoking
    • Evidence-based behavioral treatments
    • State of the art pharmacological treatments
    • Preventing relapse
    • Aided vs. unaided quit attempts
    • Evaluation of cessation programs

    Download free fact sheets

    Visit our online catalog to download one of our free fact sheets on topics such as:

    • Population-Based Cessation: A Tobacco "Quit Machine"
    • Tobacco Cessation for Persons with Mental Illness or Substance Use Disorders
    • Helping Your Patients Quit Smoking
    • Low Cost Strategies for Promoting Tobacco Cessation
    • Pharmacotherapy for Smoking Cessation
    • Smoke-Free Policies and Cessation
    • Tools for Helping Patients Quit Smoking

    Find other tobacco cessation resources

    Click here for other tobacco cessation resources for health care providers, hospitals, employers, health plans, and others.

    Refer Smokers to Free Materials

    For more information about our trainings, please contact:

    Lesley C. Phillips