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Helping a friend or family member quit smoking

4 Steps To Helping a Smoker Quit

Want to help your friend or family member quit smoking?  If so, you need to know what it’s like to quit smoking.  You’ll also want to know what kinds of help work best.  Quitting smoking is hard.  The smoker must choose to quit and do the work.  But you can make a difference with these 4 steps:

1. Learn:

  • Why it’s hard to quit smoking
  • How people are able to quit.

2. Ask:

  • What your friend or family member thinks about quitting.
  • What kind of help he or she needs.

3. Do Something:

  • That helps your friend or family member quit.
  • Like getting quitting aids for him or her.

4. Remember:

  • That you have an important role.
  • To keep trying to help.
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