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Welcome to the Take Control Guide

A pack-a-day smoker can spend about $120 a month on cigarettes.

What do you need to know about quitting smoking? Here is some information to get you started.


> Common questions about quitting smoking

> Motivation: the basics

> What's your motivation?

> The benefits of quitting

> How confident are you?

Your cravings will go away, whether you smoke or not. The typical craving only lasts a few minutes.

To maximize your chances of success, you need a plan. This section will help you create the right quitting plan for you.


> The five steps of planning

> Three common quitting aids

> Strategies for dealing with smoking triggers

> Checklist: before you quit

Research shows that you'll be more likely to quit successfully if you actively use your strategies. Taking action is better than just white-knuckling it.

After you've made your plan, how do you put it into action? This section will help you get through the first week or so without smoking.


> When you quit: six things to do

> When others smoke around you

> If you drink alcohol

> Managing stress

> Highly emotional situations

You were born a nonsmoker, and you can be a nonsmoker again.

This section looks at what you need to know for the long term. It will help you stay smoke-free for good.


> The top three triggers over the long term

> What about weight gain?

> Understanding slips and relapse

> A nonsmoker for life

> A final word on your new lifestyle

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