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Welcome to the Decide Guide

Nicotine is out of the body in about 72 hours after quitting.

What do you want to know about quitting? Here are some basic facts to get you started.


> Common questions when deciding whether to quit

> What to expect

> What percentage of adults in the United States smoke?

> What's in cigarette smoke?

> How much money will you save?

> Addiction and dependency

Smokers are more likely to snore than nonsmokers.

In this section we'll go over five things to think about, one thing to do, and plenty of examples of motivation.


> Motivation: five things to think about

> Motivation: one thing to do

> The social factor

> Will health help you decide?

> Who cares about secondhand smoke?

> Benefits after quitting

COMMON TERM: CONFIDENCE is your belief that you can succeed. It's feeling that you have the ability, judgment, and resources needed to succeed.

To make a good decision it helps to have good information. This section includes some not-so-well-known but important factors that go into a decision to quit smoking.


> How do you build confidence?

> Becoming a nonsmoker

> Putting off the decision to quit

> Withdrawal

> Quitting Smoking Methods

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